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School signing in systems:

We offer an alternative range of bespoke and off the shelf Health and Safety and Security products which can be designed to work with any existing systems you currently have. Therefore, eliminating the need to purchase any unnecessary equipment.

The education section of this web site is separated as follows:

  • Visitors Pass – School Visitors Passes And Badges, School Id Cards And Badges, School Id Badges And Passes
  • Contractors Permit To Work – Contractors Work Permits And Authorisation To Work Cards Together With Signing In Passes And Registration Systems For Schools And
  • Authorised Absence/Pupil Signing Out – Authorised Absence Passes, Pupil Signing Out Passes, Truancy Systems, School Passes And Signing Out Passes
  • Latecomers – Late Arrival Systems, Pupil Latecomers Passes, Latecomers Register, Latecomers Book
  • Accident/Illness/Incident Register – Incident Register And Logs, Accident Register, Accident Record Books, Accident Reports, Incident Book, Accident Book.

If you would like any further information or a quotation for supplying any of our products, please contact us on 0845 301 0096 or email us.

School visitors pass:


The visitors pass system is a simple and cost effective signing in system. 

The Visitors system enables you to quickly issue a personalised visitor pass or badge to every visitor to your site. Details are automatically recorded into a timed and dated fire register, ensuring that you fulfil your duty of care, by making them aware of your Health & Safety regulations. A personalised discreet sheet ensures that the visitor’s details are kept confidential.

  • Personalised Id Badge / Pass Enhancing Your Company Image
  • Complies With Current Health And Safety Legislation
  • Automatically Attached To Fire Register & Discreet Sheet
  • Bespoke Or Standard Off The Shelf Fire Registers

Contractor work permit for schools:

DTS Security Systems supplies a varied range of bespoke contractor signing in systems taylor made for schools. These provide the school with a detailed record of every contractor on site, whilst ensuring that they have been authorised to start a particular task.

Importantly any hazardous activity is highlighted, whilst also making them aware of their requirements. The pass is personalised and informs the contractor of your Health and Safety Regulations, emergency details, assembly points etc.

  • Personalised Contractor Pass
  • Validates The Contractor
  • Complies With Current Health And Safety
  • Authorisation Signature For Commencement Of Work
  • Highlights Any Hazardous Tasks

School authorised absence forms and signing out systems:

All pupils who leave school during school hours are automatically issued with an authorisation pass, which enables the school to see at a glance who has left the building and when they are expected to return. A confirmation slip of paper is automatically created for the pupil/parent as proof that they have been authorised to be out of school.
This helps tracking pupil attendance and to immediately identify whether or not a pupil is authorised for that absence, thus reducing truancy throughout the school.

  • Personalised School Authorised Absence Slip
  • Accurate Timed And Dated Records
  • Pre-Numbered And Attached For Ease Of Use

School latecomers form:

The latecomers system provides, an accurate timed and dated record of every pupil who has arrived late into school, automatically creating the a latecomers slip which has to be signed by their tutor once they get into class for proof that they have signed in late.

  • Personalised Latecomers Slip
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Time And Dated In A Set Layout
  • Automatically Duplicates Details Into The Register Book

School accident / illness / sickness register:

Our School Accident/Incident register provides an accurate record of any incidents / accidents that have happened to a pupil which has resulted in them receiving treatment.

A personalised slip of paper is automatically produced for the parents as an entry is made This provides a methodical record of every Incident and enables the school to quickly identify any history patterns which may be cause for concern. Parents are made aware immediately, if the school feels that they should seek further medical advice.

  • Automatically Creates An Incident Slip
  • Methodical Layout For Quick Completion
  • Pre-Numbered For Ease Of Tracability
  • Provides A Behavioural Pattern Of Incidents

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